About Us

About Us

Bang On Records is a music production studio and lesson facility owned and operated by partners Dominique Gizelle and Paul Biondi.

Dominique and Paul compose and produce music for film, television and media, and provide private voice lessons and guitar lessons. Their expertise is also available for artists; songwriters and film, television and media production companies.

Paul Biondi Paul Biondi
M.S. Education
Guitar Teacher / Composer / Producer
Paul is a full-time guitar instructor and music composer, producing instrumental music for television and media.

His lesson practice is dedicated to helping students of all levels reach their musical goals and gain confidence in their ability to play and perform at the level they desire.

Due to his broad background in gigging and music production, he is able to help students develop the necessary skills to produce their own professional recordings and prepare for professional level live performances.

Paul’s original compositions cover a broad spectrum of genres and uses ranging from NFL Sports and the Olympic games, to regularly scheduled network and cable shows on CBS; NBC; HBO; BRAVO; CNN; DISCOVERY; NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC; etc.

Samples of which can be heard by clicking here.  
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Some of his more well-known credits include:
•    CBS Sports: NFL Football; Masters Tournament
•    CBS: Let's Make A Dealt
•    CBS Sports Spectacular: 2007 World Series Of Video Games
•    NBC: The Voice; Dateline; Last Call With Carson Daly
•    NBC Sports: The Olympic Games
•    The CW Network: 90210
•    National Geographic: Cougar vs Wolf; Alaska Wing Men
•    MTV: Cribs; Teen Cribs; Room Raiders; Human Giant
•    VH1 Classic: That Metal Show
•    History Channel:Pawn Stars; American Pickers
•    Biography: Celebrity Life Coach
•    Discovery Channel: I Almost Got Away With It; Auction Kings
•    CMT: Cribs
•    Advertising: American Express; Pepsi-Complex fashion
•    Cablevision's Video On Demand Services
•    Commercial and industrial training videos, DVDs and multimedia

Workshops and Clinics

Paul designed and presented skills and technical facility guitar clinics including songwriting and composing; performance; improvisation and ensemble playing in conjunction with Sam Ash Music Stores.

He also created and presented workshops for teachers, social workers and psychologists in applying music therapy techniques to help at-risk youth.

Music Therapy

Paul has an extensive Music Therapy background, working with NYS Department of Social Services and Nassau County Foster Care agencies in the use of music, performance and creative arts in working with adolescents with psychiatric, emotional and sociological disorders. His work includes individual and group therapy and has been demonstrated through public performances and recording projects. The results of his work have provided these organizations with avenues for additional funding.


Paul's educational background includes the study of guitar; composition and theory; advanced songwriting at the New School in NYC with Grammy nominated songwriter Hugh Prestwood (song of the year) and renowned jazz instructor Howard Morgen (Paul Simon, Eddie Brikell, Carly Simon). In addition, he holds a Master of Science degree in Education.

Dominique Gizelle
Vocal Trainer to Professional Vocalists & Speakers
Voice Teacher / Songwriter / Producer

Dominique maintains a full-time voice lesson practice, specializing in the vocal development, coaching and vocal production for modern styles of music, including all genres of: Rock, Pop, Dance, R&B; and Musical Theatre.

She is particularly dedicated to helping songwriters discover the full vocal potential, and in helping vocal artists develop and embrace their vocal individuality. She also trains professional speakers, specializing in work with actors and athletic coaches and trainers

Her broad foundation in vocal study, performance and recording includes: Popular, Musical Theater, and Opera. She has studied under and mastered the techniques of many of the country's most renowned vocal instructors.

Vocal Trainer to Professional Vocalists & Speakers

Dominique is an accomplished and dedicated Voice Teacher and Vocal Coach, specializing in working with singers of Rock, Pop, and modern styles of music and developing the professional speaking voice of actors, clergy, athletic coaches and anyone who uses their voice in a professional capacity.

She is a singer / songwriter, producer, arranger, who is active in both the creative and business aspects of music production and performance. She produces original music for use in television, film, video production and commercial release.

Songwriter / Producer
Credits Include:
•  Featured artist: Oxygen Network "Stripe" program and "DJ Monica"    Shows.
•  International Radio (College, Satellite, Community and Internet Radio).
•  Featured artist, Laney Goodman’s "Women On Air" national radio show.
•  Commercial worldwide release of Women In Music compilation "Do What    You Love".
•  Michael Anthony Show: Top 20 Songs of the Year; Voyage Beyond Radio.
•  Original play "Artificial Sincerity" , independent films and industrial videos.

Stage and Film Performance

Dominique has produced and managed original theatre companies and productions. As an actor, and vocal performing artist she has performed on national stages, in film and video, as well as voice over talent for commercial and industrial videos.

Performing Arts Consultant

Dominique has provided marketing and promotional consultation services to performing art venues and Not-for-Profit Arts organizations including: Town Hall for the Performing Arts, NYC, The Tilles Center for the Performing Arts, LI University CW Post, The Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn NY.

Independent Music Industry – Memberships

Dominique is the co-founder, Acting Director and Membership Chair of the Society of Independent Musical Artists. Dominique is an Indiegrrl Performing Artist, and member of the Women In Music National Network.

Broadcasting and Multimedia

Marketing Director for "The Computer Channel", Dominique has developed and coordinated international, marketing and promotional campaigns for broadcast, satellite and multimedia.

Performance Venues

As booking agent for Phinneas T. Foggs -and Spinnakers Café - Ogunquit, Maine. Dominique has booked and coordinated all genres of local, regional and national talent.

Entertainment Industry

Dominique has provided executive level recruiting services for the Recording industry, Radio/ Television, Internet, Multimedia and Interactive industries.

What Students Say About Her!
read full reviews at: Bang On Records Facebook Reviews

I was introduced to Dominique Gizelle and she singlehandedly kick started my musical dream and made it a reality. ~ Jenny Mann, Blameshift

My very first lesson with Dominique Gizelle I knew I was on the right track!... She's super knowledgeable …, patient, simply wonderful and Magical!
~ Viola Ciesla

I truly believed that I could never go professional given I lost my voice every time I finished singing. It was through Dominique's amazing teachings that I grew, developed, and truly horned in on my craft. ~ Priscilla Raine Claudio

I finally feel free to explore within my range and most importantly, I understand my voice. There is no limit and I have Dominique to thank for that. … She is truly a wonderful talent and I would absolutely recommend studying with her if you are serious about making a career in music. ~ Kalene Speranz

Dominique is one of the best vocal coaches I've worked with (and I've worked with plenty). She is the only coach I've ever seen results from and that's because her training is top notch ~ Jasmine Leiana Lake

I take vocal lessons with Dominique and I've seen such an amazing improvement in both my voice and confidence. She is a great teacher! So worth the investment! ~ Kuye Mason, Madhouse

Every piece of advice I have gotten from Dominique has truly improved my quality as a singer ~ Veronica Quinn

What the Industry’s Saying About Her!

Dominique Gizelle -. Great!!" -Women On Air with Laney Goodman www.womenonair.com>

WOW!!!! Dominique is a true talent with a voice that will haunt you long after you finish listening to this CD. She is a unique vocalist with a real future in the industry. I wish her the best and you better believe that Dominique Gizelle will become a staple featured performer on 88 dot 3 ..."The Webb." Noel T. Manning, II Program Director WGWG - 88.3 dot 3 FM

"One of the most incredible voices I have heard, especially the really 'reach back belt it out songs' like Luke and Bare Necessities". -Jeff Hepfer - Burn Yer Radio www.wakeupweb.com

"A remarkable singing voice, which really is as soulful as her label's hype claims. Gizelle owns a distinctive voice that gives her an instantly recognizable sound, effective chord progressions linked to catchy sing along style lyrics; exotic percussion; guitars of all types and even a little keyboard. It's got stuff to keep you moving. Let me assure you, this is a record you want to hear." - Kevin Kreiner, www.mp3critic.com

"In-your-face female vocals that scoop and climb over Worldbeat rhythms and funky bass. As if Heart's Anne and Nancy Wilson fronted Paul Simon's back-up band and opened for Tenacious D." - www.Riffage.com

"Ms.Gizelle sings with bravado, consistently reminding me of Tina or Mama Cass ... also capable of firelight vocal phrasing like the murmur vocals of Tori Amos or the soft honesty of a Paul Simon ballad." - Fred Wheeler - Indie Journal www.strangecloud.com

"Really good! Dominique Gizelle belongs in the same ranks as Toni Braxton, Annie Lennox and other top women musicians of today. If she continues to bring forth material this good, her music and voice will definitely be used for comparison when rating new artists." - Bruce Von Stiers BVS Reviews www.members.aol.com/bvonstiers

"A passionate series of vocals, at times really showing off power and at other times is as gentle as a Caribbean wind. Deep Down is a versatile and solid debut from a voice that can bring the goods, in all kinds of shades and hues." - Fred Frankel - The L.I.E. (Long Island Entertainment)

"Dominique blends pop production sensibilities ala Phil Collins with a blues attitude ala Ricki Lee Jones. Gizelle is a vocal artist and you can really hear how her approach to each vocal line has been put through the artistic filter - the result is fine cup of gourmet coffee on a lazy east coast afternoon." - Don Kimenker www.earBuzz.com

"Wow. I like her music! Very unique!" Skitch LaRue, KTKNG Seattle

"Love it! Btw… our policy is when we love something, we play the sh*t out of it!" - Frank Moore, Luver Radio www.eroplay.com

"Great stuff, nice rhythm textures and I love that wah guitar on Luke. I'll be playing more." - Craig Bereboo Zero 1 Art Radio www.zero1art.com

"Bare Necessities is becoming one of the most requested songs on my show." - Tim Wozny (WoZ) FAKE Radio www.fakeradio.com

"I love her music!" - Dr. Dan (Daniel Chosy) www.unsignedradio.com

"When a artist offers a debut this good, it is a pleasure to wish her well." - Barney Quick - www.indie-music.com

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